Osmosis + Axelar = The liquidity layer for all web3 applications

A vision for Osmosis, and how Axelar is uniquely positioned to enable it

Osmosis has the potential not just to be the primary DEX in Cosmos, but eventually grow into the most valuable DEX in the world, catalyzing DeFi innovation and becoming the fundamental driving force of open finance globally.

Overtaking centralized exchanges

By the end of 2022, DEXs will have reached a point of product maturity, operational knowledge and transactional history that can make them positioned much stronger as a web3 gateway of choice against CEXs.

A roadmap to getting Osmosis integrated into every single application

The seamless integration described above can be extremely powerful, but at the end of the day, its effect is only experienced by exchange users. Only a small fraction of internet users utilize exchanges. Therein lies an opportunity to do much greater things. How could Osmosis touch on and improve the lives of billions of internet users across the world?

1. Universal cross-chain swap functionality (bridging all chains)

The immediate first step would be enabling universal cross-chain swaps between any two blockchain protocols. How would that look in practice? Let us look at the example of a user swapping ETH on Ethereum for DOT on Moonbeam.

2. Instant payment rails

Eventually, every vendor in the world will accept a stablecoin, such as UST, as a form of payment. How that would look in the short-run is simple. Through a simple API, the vendor would be able to generate a QR code that any user can scan with their preferred digital wallet to send funds in any currency (e.g. ETH, FRAX or DOGE), with settlement happening in UST on Terra.

3. Liquidity layer for all of DeFi and beyond

What would Osmosis look like as the fundamental liquidity layer for the entire DeFi landscape?


Axelar shares the same deep commitment to sovereignty, transparency, accessibility, decentralization, credible neutrality, community empowerment and human-centric design that characterizes Osmosis.



Cross chain desperado loose in the wireld

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