Axelar is not a bridge 🔑

Moving to one generalised layer for all cross-chain interactions. Less to go wrong, less maintenance, smaller attack surface and easier for small fries to join.

If Axelar is not a bridge, what is it?

Axelar is a generic cross-chain interoperability protocol, built using threshold signature cryptography (TSS) and a proof of stake network (PoS). It is able to verify a transaction on one chain, and trustlessly generate a signature to submit the transaction to another chain. All the while keeping track of finality and trust assumptions in each environment.

Where to start: an asset bridge application as a flex

The first real world use of Axelar’s technology will be an asset bridge application. Axelar is building it themselves to prove the powers of the network.

The superpowers of an asset bridge on Axelar

Every new bridge app comes with its own security assumptions, and most bridges have a UX which tricks the user into assuming they’re secure. Every new L1 yield hype cycle has incurred enormous use of bridges. Security in this case is siloed: each bridge has to secure itself independently, using multisigs, collateral, auditing.

By your powers combined! All cross chain applications in the future can share security through Axelar’s proof of stake network.

Multi-chain utopia. One signature to rule them all

After the asset bridge, the Axelar and its community will begin releasing buckets of cross-chain applications, which are going to reveal how cross-chain will move crypto UX into the 21st century.

Mostly because this photo is cute



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